Why Royal Pines on the Gold Coast?

The organisers thought that for the first GPDU they should go to somewhere:

  • neutral (apparently Sydney and Melbourne aren’t neutral)
  • away from home (so people can focus on the learning and the fun)
  • easy to get to and not too expensive
  • but still in an environment that is conducive to social engagement for all the things GPDUers do best

Royal Pines feels like it has a lot of that. It is located a bit of the main drag of the Gold Coast which is possibly a good thing (depending on what you think about that main drag). The surrounds are great, there is a lot to do if you need to chill in between the intensity of the learning, lots of family facilities and the staff seemed pretty good in the negotiation.

Anyway, I’d copy and paste parts of the their website to impress you but if you’re interested just go there HERE. It’s nice.

One thing to note is that given it’s a bit of a longer trek to get to main drag, it’s probably better if you can book at the resort. We’ve reserved rooms for that but we can’t reserve enough for everyone. To get a room you will need to call reception on +61 7 5597 8700 and quote GPDU18 ‘Reserved Rooms’. You will get a special rate. Those rates are listed under the tab, Accommodation under the tab Rego in the main menu.


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