Our genesis

GPs Down Under is the largest and most engaged online community of general practitioners in Australia. Frustrated by the red tape and rules governing GP peer to peer learning and the speed of communication in the commercial and institutional world, it began life as a small private Facebook group seeking rapid answers to everyday clinical issues facing busy GPs. Today membership of the group is rapidly approaching 5,000 and its usage statistics place it among the most engaging and interesting professional networks in the world. The conversations and data which run through its network day to day make it both influential and vital in the everyday lives of many GPs.

Our Purpose

  1. Sharing of Free Open Access to Medical Education and Vocational Resources
  2. Peer Support and Networking
  3. Advocacy
  4. Encourage unity and a community amongst our profession
  5. Medutainment
  6. Dogmalysis

Not for profit – free is good

GPDU is an independent non affiliated National Park for Australian and NZ GPs. We are run on the altruistic principles of FOAMed; a voluntary labour of some wonderful GPs to administer and we have a great community supporting us. We don’t mind if you are ACRRM, RACGP, NZ, Registrar, Part-Timer, Medical writer, Medical Educator, recently migrated colleague or on Maternity or extended sick leave. If you are a GP this is your National Park

Our Vision

  1. Independence: GPDU is to be independent of vested interests. The community strength is that the hierarchy is flat and that this is a safe place for GP’s, by GP’s and about GPs.
  2. Altruism: GPDU is free of sponsorship and advertisement. GPDU as a brand is independent from the colleges and other organisations.
  3. Governance: To institute appropriate governance structure that is appropriate for the group. The aim of governance is transparency, harm minimisation, reduction of risk/cost and liability to administration and to the sanctity of the group.
  4. Code of Conduct: To set standards for members in our group to maintain professionalism and respect within the group and the wider profession. See our code of conduct tab.
  5. We ask everyone to treasure and respect this resource as we know there are others who wish to land-grab and those who wish to dismiss a community of independent General Practitioners. We give the gift of Collegiality and free speech and we hope you also value these aspirations. We have the integrity of all General Practice as our one unending uniting vision.

GDPU is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. ACN 617751792. Website by Woof Byte

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