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1. How much is it to come to GPDU18?

CLICK HERE for fee information

2. Who can come and enjoy GPDU18?

GPDU, though a GP based group is throwing open GPDU18 to all healthcare professionals who engage with  general practice and are interested in attending, particularly in the light of how the evolution to the management of chronic care is creating the need for greater networking and communication among the various frontline groups. So GPDU member GPs and registrars, non-GPDU GPs and registrars, medical students, IMGs, most allied healthcare professionals with an AHPRA number and an interest in the topics, CPD providers, GP training providers, professional service providers to the GP profession, media and so on.

3. Can I come just for certain sessions or the exhibition/dinner only?

The minimum you will need to pay for sessions is the one day rate, which is in the fees. You can come to the exhibition and the Welcome Cocktails without charge. You can attend the dinner but have to pay to go to that.

4. What catering is included?

All days have morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea catered. Day 1 has a Welcome Cocktails at 5.30pm in the exhibition foyer. The only catered event you need to pay for is the Gala Dinner. A link to the Dinner Tickets is HERE

5. What CPD and QI points can I earn?

CPD and QI will be available at the rate of 2 points per hour, for most sessions. Details of these sessions and the amount you will earn per session day will be listed on the site in coming weeks. We estimate you will be able to earn approximate 20 points for attending the two main days of the conference, and more if you attend some of the pre-conference workshops.

6. Do I have to book for workshops?

Yes. Workshop spots on Day Zero will be limited. More details to follow.

7.  Will I receive a certificate of attendance?

You will if you register and attend for either one or two days.

8. Is there a dress code?

Only for the Dinner, where the code is Pirates, Punks and Princesses

9. Will there be Posters/Abstracts?

Yes, Abstract Abstracts. You can submit yours HERE

10. What should I do if I have special dietary requirements?

Fill in the Special Dietary Requirements questions when you are registering. Other questions to

11. What do I do I’m speaking , moderating, ranting, etc on stage?

All speakers, moderators, ranters etc will be given detailed instructions in the lead up to the event including timetabling, requirements etc. They will usually come from Vidya. If you have any questions at any time you can contact vidya at

12. How do I get to the venue?

Well, you could google it when you get close. But if you’re like me and refuse to use technology here’s a few pointers and a map:

  • It’s about 30mins by car, taxi, bus or uber from Coolangatta airport
  • There is plenty of parking at the resort if you have a car
  • If you’re coming from Brisbane it’s  about 75km and a one hour trip
  • NOTE: Flights to Coolangatta at that time of the year are about $49 each way ex  Sydney and $89 ex Melbourne, so book NOW! Mind you, that’s Jetstar, so anything could happen.


13. What’s the deal if I’m media?

Media is free so long as you are from a registered media organisation or your personal blog is that good. You just have to register. Each organisation will get one free dinner ticket if you want one, so each group is at least be represented. We’d love to have more of you there getting the low down but frankly we can’t afford it because you drink too much. So if you want more than one from your organisation can you please pay for the extra tickets please. We’d love to have more of you there.

14. Do I need to register if Im presenting?

Yes, but for your contribution you will recieve a free All Days ticket. Please register as normal. You just need to identify which session you are speaking in when you register.

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