GPDU18 Fees at a glance

*All prices are ex GST

To go directly to ticketing CLICK HERE

To book accommodation please call (07) 5597 8700 and quote GPDU18 delegate.

Please read this as well!:

  • All fees are exclusive of GST. GST is added on in the ticketing process so don’t freak out.
  • Dinner tickets are near mandatory. What else are you going to do that night? Please if you want to come book early though as the number is less than the total attending and we don’t want anyone disappointed as it will be epic.
  • All categories have a COMBO All Day + Dinner Combo ticket in the early bird option which will save you 25% on a dinner ticket!
  • You can book online using a Visa or Master card. If you really have to you can invoice us in the system by choosing offline invoice, but if you do that you will cause our bookkeeper to scowl – see below.
  • You can join GPDU if you’re a GP prior and earn the member discount. But join because you want to and it’s a fun thing, please. Click HERE to apply to join. Joining takes a few days as we have to do checks.
  • Early bird finishes on January 31. Happy New Year BTW.
  • We have reserved 100 rooms so far for accommodation on site. Once they are gone then you are on the open market. If we have enough registrations prior to Xmas we will try to book some more but we can’t guarantee anything. Remember, Royal Pines is about 3km from the main part of the Gold Coast. To book your room please call+61 7 5597 8700 or click here for resort contact details  and reference the conference for these rates, which are meant to be the lowest available.
  • Media: all media are welcome in any number you like (if it gets really high we’ll ask for a drinking contribution, not that journos drink). Each media group needs to email us and we will provide you with a code for your journos. Each group gets one free dinner ticket too. After that you can come to the dinner but you need to pay for additional tickets (which you’d be well advised to as all the good goss happens at dinner).
  • All those organised  GPDUers who pre-registered receive a 5% discount. If you haven’t received a code for your discount via email let us know.
  • Any questions: please call Vidya on 0413707905 or email:
  • Or see FAQs HERE

Our bookkeeper receiving an offline invoice



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