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What is an  Abstract Abstract?

Literally it’s an abstract abstract. I know, so esoteric. But maybe a good opportunity to be expressive and creative as well.

  1. Start with your idea about one of the conference themes – peer support, learning or advocacy, or about how creativity helps you in medicine or helps you sustain yourself
  2. Let rip with some form of creative expression on that idea, which in its normal life may have been a boring old abstract in a paper. That expression can be anything – art, photography, apparently even interpretive dance (can’t wait).
  3. For us aesthetically challenged ones accompany your abstract abstrct with a translation of some sort in 200 words or less.

Here is one we prepared earlier

Will my AA be shown?

Yes! Abstract abstracts will all be on display in the exhibition area. All attendees will get to judge your work via a sophisticated system involving jellybeans as voting chips. Winners will get acknowleged and some crazy sort of award.

Can I do more than one and submit?

Yes, you can.

What are the judging criteria?

Good question. Coming, but in the absence of formal guidelines so far:

  • A current and important issue
  • Most engaging graphics
  • Creative solutions
  • Use of cat memes or equivalent
  • And so on

What file formats do you accept?

Im going to say anything that you can get to upload in the but to your left. If you’re struggling email jeremy at jeremy@medicalrepublic.com.au


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